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Friday, March 14, 2008


In this article i want to introduce you my favorite software tool PhpTriad :) I love it since it is easy and free to download and install. You can find lots of versions of PhpTriad for your platform. This is a link for you to download PhpTriad

But there are many sources that you can download it from if you search on Google you will see :)

So what is PhpTriad? Php Triad is a complex tool of Php, MySQL and Apache that are your general requirements for coding in Php. Installation is very very easy. But i will explain althpugh it is just clicking the button install and done after the installation completed.

So then you installed the program let's start to using it. Fİrstly you need to click on the icon "winmysqladmin" at the adres c:/apache/mysql/bin and then you will type your user name and the password. Please choose a good one since you will need it for oyur databases and it can be setted just at the installation.If the installation is completed succsfully an icon at at the right bottom of your screen that looks like traffic lights.So it need to be green to represent of working.

It did not finished yet :) It is not easy as i said :P We have a little more work then by clicking to start at the programs, you will see a segment called 'Programs' when you click on this menu please start the program: Programs/PhpTriad/Apache Console/Start Apache. this is for to boot Apache. Wen you run the program an command console will appear at your screen which states that 'Running Apache'. Please be sure that the program is always running while you want to run the website you are coding.You need to put your files that you want to show in : C:apachehtdocs. after all of these PhpTriad is ready to use! Just run your browser and write to the adress http://localhost/filename.php ;)

I wish you to have good coding :)
Good Luck!!!

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