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Monday, March 3, 2008

Introduction to PHP

PHP means "Personel Home Page Tools" which invented by Rasmus Lerdorf nearly in 1995 or earlier. It is a SSS (Server Side Script) which he needs strong on database and answers to dynamic site design needs. After the expansion of PHP had became "PHP is a Hypertext Pre-Processor".If you want more detail about history of PHP take a look at .

Now let's start to understand the capablities of PHP.For me it is capable for every work :) Since it is developed more and more it is good for everything you want to do.

  • You can create your own graphics by PHP.
  • You can create Flash documents without any need to Flash and some kind software.
  • PHP is good for interwork with every database system such as MS SQL, MySQL etc.
  • And if you can not find something you need you can write it on your own and can share it.

And it is time to explain how you can use PHP now. PHP is an platform independent web language.Firstly you need to decide on which web server you will use. I recommend you Apache which is a platform dependent server as well. If you are a Windows platform user it is nice for you to use PHPTriad. It includes both Apache, MySql and PHP. Also PHPTriad is called as sokkit after its 2nd version which you can acces from .

After you do this wait for your PHP codes and explainings of them and wait for next article:)

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