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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Programming Languages

Instead there is another old languages the most popular programming languages are object oriented ones such as C++ and Java. ın these two more independent one is Java since it is platform independency. Java programs can be executable on every platform since it structure.
While using these languages you define some object by creating classes and you can improve that classes by inheritance. I mean first you write a class than you get all the features of the class and adding new features to it you create a new class. For instance you create a Car class that has just gas varible (a variable is a memory area that stores the gas value of the Car you created and you can change the value by programming since it is called variable!) to improve that Car you write a BetterCar class and get the gas variable with the same type and you add DecreaseSpeed variable to it to decrease speed for example.
There is also set-oriented languages as SQL. While using SQL you get a set as output although you get a object as output by using object-oriented languages. SQL cammands are used to create a database and improve it. Adding it datas deleting datas from the database and so on. Also you can has the data set as output to your any command.In SQL the commands are called as Query. There are three platforms that you can use SQL. These are MySQL, MS SQL and ORACLE. These three are really near to each other some syntax differences occurs between them.
I have tried to explain programming languages in a general format that i can. By adding some code examples and explaining them these things that i wrote are gonna be more clear. :)

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