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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Data Storage

In this article i will begin with Bits and Their Storage.

Inside today's computers the datas are stored as pattern of 0's and 1's. Every 0 and 1 is called as a bit. These patterns sometime represents a numeric value or a character from the alphabet. Some boolean operations can be implemented by them.The basic operations are AND, OR. AND operation is represented with a '.' and OR operation is represented with a '+'.

0.0=0 0+0=0
0.1=0 0+1=1
1.0=0 1+0=1
1.1=1 1+1=1

These operations are made on physically on gates which can be produced from elctrical circuits. And the level of the voltage applied to these circuits represents 1 and 0. The voltage is the input of the gate and the output is a voltage again. These two gates has two inputs and one output. Also there is another structure called as flip flop which stores the past output value and represents a new output related to it and the inputs. Another and old storage technique is core which is donut shaping ring of magnetic metarial. The more recent method is capacitor that has two small matelic plates positioned parallel. A capacitor can be charged or discharged. So one situation represents 0 and another one 1. Also a chip consist of millions of capacitors. And in conclusion the most modern method is the flash memories. In this method bits are stored by trapping electrons in champers of silicon dioxide.Full champer and empty champer represents 1 or 0.

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