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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Php Code for Membership Panel

These, the codes below is the part of an HTML code for the form of member login.

here is the starting point of the php codes:

include "baglantidosyasi.php";
/* First we get the inğut datas by POST method. */
$sifrelisifre=md5($sifre); /* Burada Sifreyi md5 leyelim */
/*We are checking username and the password if they are empty */
echo "Please do not enter space!!!";
/*If the pasword and the username is not empty*/
$uyesor=mysql_query("select kullanici,sifre from uyelik where kullanici='$kullanici' and sifre='$sifrelisifre'");
echo "
Welcome $kullanici
echo "Please Click For Backward HomePage";
echo "Not Success!...";

/*Let's check out the cookies if they are empty then the enterance screen will appear*/
echo 'Üye Ol | Üye Girişi Yap | ';
echo "Welcome $cookie | Now Date $tarih ";


@$baglan=mysql_connect($hostadresi,"root","") or die ("Mysq Bagalkanadmi");
@mysql_select_db($dbadi,$baglan) or die ("vt Bagalkanadmi");

Try to decode =))
Good Luck!!!


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